At present, the author is doing no classroom teaching. Meanwhile, when he’s not otherwise occupied, he’s easy to find, right here, in his home office, either writing books full-time or tinkering with his website.

His five completed books are finally published. Marty has shifted gears from using an agent and outside publisher to self-publishing, with his own Copper Bible Book Company he created in 1987, when he was a brand new DA.

See Copper Bible Book Company page for details. Life sort of got in the way of his writing for a few years. Speaking of books, Brhel’s current five, alphabetically, are:

  • America’s Two Toughest Sheriffs (aka Sheriffs)
  • Deadly Duty (aka DD)
  • Courtroom Survival for Traffic Officers (aka CS4TO)
  • National Law Enforcement Directory-Eastern USA (aka NLED-East)
  • National Law Enforcement Directory-Western USA (aka NLED-West)

The narrative below is non-alphabetical. It lists the author’s above-referenced books, in their order of publication, now that he’s finally in control of scheduling publishing. Please note all of his published books are now available in both print and Kindle, at Amazon, with the exception of NLED, which is only in print due to its length.

The author is in the process of having Barnes&Noble carry his books too. So far, DD and Sheriffs are there. Soon, he expects any other completed or future book to be there. Type Martin Brhel into the search bars at or That will take you to the page for his books. Click on any cover? Both sites allow you to read a free excerpt. The author warmly welcomes written reviews.

1) Deadly Duty

DD is the first novel in the author’s Joshua Travers, DA Adventure Series©. Each book contains false and true clues about possible plots for the next exciting novel. What does Amazon say about it? They call DD one of their hot new releases in legal thrillers, rating it 5-out-of-5 stars.

DD’s inspiration? A courageous Texas widow’s valiant struggle for justice. Her husband was murdered, in cold blood. When his killer wasn’t arrested or indicted, she sued the dealer that hired him to do the repo. After winning a multi-million $$$ verdict, she hired Marty to write her story.

Brhel chose to write it as a novel. He was convinced he could do so in a far more powerful fashion, than if he wrote it as a biography. The novelist remains confident he made the correct decision. Reviewers at Amazon seem to agree. Ergo, the 5-star rating.

But, rather than sharing more details here, read an excerpt above as suggested, and write a review.

2) America’s Two Toughest Sheriffs

Sheriffs is also rated 5-out-of-5 stars, at Amazon. It’s also available at B& The author’s first biography began life, quite innocently, as a tongue-in-cheek account about the good natured, but spirited, competition between two elected Sheriffs: Arizona’s Joe Arpaio and Arkansas’ Andy Lee.

Both legendary lawman tried to lay sole claim to the unofficial title: toughest Sheriff in America. Halfway through writing Sheriffs, Brhel’s exhaustive research uncovered a brewing skirmish between Arpaio and the Obama administration.

Did the Obama administration declare war on Arizona, Arpaio, and MCSO? Perhaps the unprecedented complaint they filed with the UN, alleging AZ, et al, were violating the civil rights of what they dubbed non-English proficient Latinos is a bit of a clue?

Most significantly, the author’s research proved, beyond a reasonable doubt that Barack Hussein Obama II is constitutionally ineligible to be U.S. President. As with DD, read an excerpt, and write a review.

3) Courtroom Survival for Traffic Officers

CS4TO is now available at Amazon in both Kindle and print, like Brhel’s other current books. Before he released his former agent and publisher, CS4TO had been as high as #4 on Amazon’s Best Seller List, even singled out as one of Amazon’s Hot New Releases.

Amazon rates CS4TO’s republished version, 5-out-of-5 stars. But, should that really surprise you? Hopefully it doesn’t. And, here’s why the author says that. Experience and dedication should always produce good results, especially in educational tomes.

Like DD and Sheriffs, rate it yourself, by reading an excerpt, in a written review.

4) National Law Enforcement Directory-Eastern USA

NLED-East is next to last of Brhel’s five current books. Readers Digest version? It provides contact information for law enforcement agencies east of the Mississippi River. This includes department heads, titles, and contact information, such as telephone numbers, addresses and E-mail addresses.

The author’s lovely wife, Mary is co-author. He lists her as lead author to thank her for manning the telephones, during the research that created NLED. No reviews yet, ergo, no rating.

5) National Law Enforcement Directory-Western USA

Same as NLED-East, except the listed agencies are those west of the Mississippi River. No reviews yet, ergo, no rating.

Soon, he’ll return to work on his next Courtroom Survival book, so he can also commence work on a biography about a very visible murder trial, with a most unexpected ending. Hint: it’s probably not the one you’re thinking of. More later…

Martin C. Brhel, Jr.

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